Axle - Spacer

Axes and spacers are important components in the manufacturing of folding knives. They are part of the internal structure of the knife and play a crucial role in the functionality, stability, and smoothness of the blade and handle movement. Here are some details about these components:


Axes (Pivot):

Axes are the pins or rods around which the knife blade pivots to open and close.

They are typically made of stainless steel, bronze, brass, or other durable materials to ensure smooth rotation and good durability.

The quality and precision of the pivot are essential for the smooth opening and closing of the knife.

Axes can be mounted on ball bearings or bronze washers to reduce friction and allow for smoother blade action.


Spacers are thin pieces inserted between the handle scales of the knife to maintain even spacing and an appropriate distance between them.

They can be made of stainless steel, titanium, brass, G10 (a composite material), or other materials.

Spacers contribute to the overall stability of the knife and prevent the handle scales from flexing or deforming under pressure.

Besides their structural function, spacers can also be used for aesthetic reasons, adding a touch of color or creating custom patterns.

It is important to note that the quality of the axes and spacers is essential for the longevity and performance of the finished knife. Careful design and appropriate material selection will result in a high-quality, reliable, and enjoyable-to-use folding knife.

Axles and spacers for handmade folding knife manufacturing.

Axles Diam 4mm M3 thread

Stock : 53
4mm diameter pins or spacers threaded in M3 316L stainless steel Quantity: Bag of 25 axes

Axles Diam 4mm M2 thread

Stock : 82
4mm diameter pins or spacers threaded in M2 Unhardened 316L stainless steel Quantity: Bag of 4 or 25 axes

Concave spacers diam 4 or 5 M2

Stock : 27
Axle - spacer Alloy: Stainless Thread: M2 Shape:  domed / concave. Length: 4 or 5 mm Diameter: 4 or 5 mm Set of 4 or 10...

Axles /spacer : Diameter 5mm M3 thread

Stock : 15
5mm diameter pins or spacers threaded in M3 316L stainless steel Quantity: Bag of 25 axes