stabilized alder burl

Scientific name: Alnus

other name: Aune, Verne

Family: Betulaceae

Origin: Europe

Origin: Juane rosé with brown veins

Comments: Alder has a light and soft wood. It takes a nice polish and is easy to work with. It is used in particular in guitar making, furniture, sculpture and filming.

Stabilized wood is wood that is saturated with synthetic resin, colorless or colored. Stabilization is carried out in our workshop. We can stabilize all your parts. All types of wood can be stabilized, except softwoods, but very hard and very strong woods do not deserve to be. Stabilization takes on its full meaning in two specific cases: Certain soft woods could not be used in cutlery if they were not stabilized. The best example is that of the poplar, the magnifying glasses and forks of which sometimes have astonishing beauty. And the molds that attack even hardwoods sometimes form designs with amazing colors and shapes. Stabilization makes it possible to take advantage of these accidents which would render the wood unusable. A good example is "heated" (ie partially moldy) beech.

stabilized alder burl - french made
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