Real amber

Origin : Balkans

Other name : Succinite

Colors : yellow, black, white...

Comment : Amber is a fossil resin secreted millions of years ago by conifers or flowering plants. The reconstituted amber that we sell comes from an ancestral technique of the Balkans, allowing to group several fossils together by heating and compressing them. The Balkans contain the largest deposits in the world.  Amber has been used as jewelry since prehistoric times. Archaeologists have found pendants dating from the Paleolithic. 

Tales and legends: the wedding of amber corresponds to 34 years of marriage. In ancient Greece, amber was associated with the sun god Apollo, it was believed that amber contain solar energy. In the Slavic culture, amber symbolizes the petrified tears of the gods. Finally, as many insects have been found petrified in amber, amber is associated with memory. 

We can provide a certificate of authenticity at your request. 

Real amber - ancestral technique of the Balkans
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