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Box - handle and set for knife making

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Other name:COMMON BOX
This lobed-leaved tree comes from Southern Europe,Occidental Asia and Asia Minor.
Its grain can be straight or irregular,its texture is fine and regular.After cutting up,this specie is pale yellow.It becomes lightly patinated with the contact of light and air .
This tree has a shrub-like and squat shape. Its boles are numerous and produce little burls of about 1 metre long.It can measure 9 metre high for a diameter than can reach 20 centimetres across.
This wood is hard,heavy resistant and dense. Its heart is longlasting whilst its sap-wood is porous and responsive to protection processes. It is difficult to work but cutting tools well grinded offer clean cuttings. On the other hand it is very easy to stick it.
About the finishing,it is easy to dye and offers a nice shiny result.This species suits very well for steam bending as well as woodcutting,tools handles,stringed-instruments accessories,rubbers,insertions,wood-turning and woodcarving.

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