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Latin name: Taxus baccata.
This tree grows mainly in Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa, Myanmar and Himalaya. The colour of its wood ranges from yellow to pale rose or orange brown. It often contains little black dots. The colour of the sapwood is pale whereas the heart of the wood is orange red. Te contrast between the two parts is revealed when the wood is sawn irregularly and contains holes in places, little burls and pieces of ingrown bark. Its grain is tight.
The wood is resistant, hard and longlasting. This is the oldest growing tree in Europe. One specimen in Austria is 3500 years old.
When the trhread of the wood is straight, wether it is worked by hand or with mechanical tools, the finish is smooth wheras when the thread is irregular, the wood may tear. Moreover, it is difficult to work this wood. It renders colours well and is very nice when it is polished. Being oily, this wood is difficult to glue.It is used to make small pieces of furniture English style and also used for sculpting, indoor carpentry, veneering. It is the favourite wood for turning and it is also very suitable for bending.

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