Mercorne is the pinnacle of my aspirations : living in Langogne, surrounded by my family, being the head of a small, family-run business that works with rare and unique materials. These are the elements that bring me joy every day. This boat that i have been captain of for 25 years, has survived droughts, storms and doubts, it even survived fire. The secret to this success : the vision is more important than personal gain. The boat is constantly moving forwards thanks to these 10 people empowered by the Mercorne values of respect, sharing and service.

Pome Castanier, Mercorne CEO

A family adventure ...

The story of Mercorne began with Charles and Paul Castanier.

From the diverse range of materials and colours to the mammoth ivory

We started up in the knife industry by offering Zebra horn and then expanded by offering a large choice of materials to meet a range of requirements.

A varied clientele ...

We engage in as many of the big knife-making trade fairs as possible. The presence today of Mercorne (and other similar types of traders) at the trade fairs seems normal, but this was not always the case. Mercorne were the first importers at these trade fares.

Mercorne today

Aujourd’hui nous sommes une équipe soudée autour des valeurs de notre petite entreprise : Intégrité, Fiabilité, Créativité et Convivialité.


Produce materials by modifying their colors, their mechanical qualities thanks to our know-how. It's a long experience that is at your service. Because each of the products that we propose requires a know-how as for its storage, its machining, its drying .... So that each piece that is proposed to you is of an optimum quality as well on the aesthetic as mechanical level.


Trading in a wide range of materials from around the world allows us to offer you access to exotique items without having to go through complex importn procedures. Materials from all over the world are a click away !


Cutting materials varying from the density of mammoth material to cornes which do demand a certain know how, that we have obtained over the years. With over 10 machines destined to cutting and with our 25 years experience, we can cut all types of materials at your request.


Stablising the materials. These are recipes that we have been perfecting and evolving for over 15 years. This process helps densify your materials. It can help with the mecanical quality but also the product’s look. Stablized wood is a wood that is saturated in synthetic resin, natural or colored by a special technique process. We offer to you to send us your materials with your constraints (colors, dimensions) and we will work on it for you.


Materials embedded in resin. Whether for a knife handle or to create a unique object, we offer a service that allows you to embed personal objects like photographs, feathers, prints ...) within an acrylic resin mould. Mercorne was the first company to offer this kind of personalised service. We developed this technique in 2006.


Innovation is our passion, our trademark. Our operation at Mercorne, develops new materials for the creative process. Our research and development division is endowed with significant resources, both human and financial.


Printing with resin on PMMA, with vitrophanes, for handles that are resistant to washing machines, cutomizable and easy to use. It is the meeting of the two worlds : a special technology that permits printing in a durable and high quality form and the know how and the creativity of a professional photographer who can produce pictures of very high quality,

The team

Mercorne is a team, a real pool of knowledge and competences, everyone is essential. Ten people united by the same values.

our values

Our logo illustrates many of our values and shows the important link between Mercorne and West Africa.