Brushing paste for metals: ROUGE DH1

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The Rouge D1H polishing paste has a good cutting power in order to prepare shine for metals. Start with 220CBN2, then ROUGE DH1 for the gloss preparation, Bleu F2 or ECLINOX BLANCHE for the finish and ECLINOX ROSE for the super finish.

Paste made in France (Thiers) by Mécapolior.

Contains animal fats

Use: prepares finishing work with good cutting power

Materials concerned: Steel and stainless steel

Color : red

Weight: around 0.8kg

Composition : aluminum oxide, refined beef tallow, stearin and paraffin.

Texture: Oily, good adhesion and messy on the support, little resistant to heat (do not store in the sun).

Supports : unpolished felt, natural sisals and soft

Aluminum oxide: also called Alumina. It is a metallic oxide, the 2nd most abundant on earth after silica. It is an odorless, water-insoluble white powder. This metal oxide is used for brushing and polishing because it has good cutting power and low shine.

What are polishing, brushing and polishing pastes?

  • Polishing pastes: reduce large marks related to the machining of materials

  • Brush paste: preparation for shine before polishing

  • Polishing paste: finishing action to make it shine, for example.

Secure shipments for everyone: Sold in loaves of less than one kilo allowing it to be used by professionals and individuals alike. The loaves are sold in their original mould, ensuring secure shipping.

Application advice: this polishing paste is greasy, it is applied with light pressure. The rotation of the disc will heat the bread and soften it in order to deposit a film on the disc.

A trusted partner: Mécapolior has been manufacturing in France for 30 years, polishing pastes studied for each phase of work, from preparation to finishing and even super finishing.

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