Polishing discs

When it comes to polishing and buffing knife blades and handles, choosing the right type of disc is essential to achieving the best results. In the cutlery world, the most commonly used discs are cotton, felt, flannel and sisal discs. Each of these discs has unique properties and uses that make them more suitable for certain tasks than others.

The sisal disc is the most rigid and abrasive of the polishing discs. The sisal structure is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks and for removing deep scratch marks on the blade surface. The sisal disc can also be used for polishing rough surfaces.

The felt disc is denser and more rigid than the cotton disc. This structure helps remove scratches and imperfections on the blade surface. The felt disc is often used for precision polishing, as it allows you to work on hard to reach areas.

The cotton disc is the most commonly used disc in the cutlery world for polishing knife blades and handles. The structure of the cotton is soft and fluffy, allowing for polishing and buffing of the surface without scratching or damaging. The cotton disc is ideal for fine polishing tasks to achieve a smooth, shiny finish.

The flannel disc is similar to the cotton disc, but is thinner and softer. Flannel is often used for finish polishing tasks and to remove scratch marks left by cotton discs. The flannel disc provides a shiny, even effect.

In conclusion, each type of polishing disc has unique properties that make them more suitable for certain tasks than others. The cotton disc is ideal for fine polishing, the felt disc for precision polishing, the flannel disc for intermediate polishing and the sisal disc for heavy cleaning tasks. By choosing the right type of disc for the task at hand, it is possible to achieve professional quality polishing results for knife blades and handles.

Quality polishing discs for knife handles and blades

Cotton discs : made in France by mécapolior

Stock : 5
Cotton discs are made from high quality cotton fibers to provide a fine polish and high quality finish on metals, horn, wood and resin. Cotton...
Price €16.30

Felt disc - XL-WL (grey)

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Price €143.00

Flannel discs : made in France by mécapolior

Stock : 4
Flannel discs are ideal for polishing and buffing metals, such as stainless steel, brass and copper, and also materials with resin and wood to a...
Price €22.80

Disque Sisal : fabriqué en France par mécapolior

Stock : 3
Sisal discs are ideal for removing scratches and imperfections on metals, such as stainless steel and aluminum. Sisal discs are made from...
Price €21.70

Felt disc - FB MCB (red)

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Riffle stone grain 34- for disc

Stock : 3
    Dim : 2204525 mm
Rifling stones are abrasive tools used to clean and degrease cutlery discs, removing residue and burrs. Made from silicon carbide or aluminum...
Price €32.90