Forged blades

Mercorne is also quality steel, do you trust us to find you exceptional materials? So do not hesitate to visit our forged blades which are carefully selected. Find blades that have been forged around the world. Our blades are ready to use: revealed, sharpened and blunted.

Come and make an exceptional knife with absolutely magnificent damask blades. If you also combine a blade with one of our exceptional products, you will obtain an extraordinary result.

Forged blades and damask bars by master blacksmiths

RAFFIR forged blades

I invite you to discover the brand new range of damask blades from Raffir. Jacob, the president of the company, is a former cutler converted into a supplier and creator...

Poul Strande blades

Poul Strande is one of professional blacksmiths best known in Europe. Poul has been forging knifeblades for more than 20 years and its brand "PS" is known worldwide. We...

Damascus kitchen blade series / scandinavian inspired

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It's time to make you happy by making a series of exceptional kitchen knives. This series of blades is imagined with Mads Lambrecht, a...

Forged Poul Strande blade

Stock : 2
    Dim : 11.760000 mm

Forged Poul Strande blade

Stock : 1
    Dim : 13.200000 mm

Forged Poul Strande blade

Stock : 0 (Victime de son succès)
    Dim : 13.200000 mm