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Welcome to, your online reference for all things related to cutlery. In our category dedicated to sanding belts, we offer you a wide selection of products...

Leather - SOVOS tannery

Leather work for cutlery is an ancient craft that involves cutting, sewing, sometimes molding the leather and then polishing the edges. This is done to create unique and...

Polishing discs

When it comes to polishing and buffing knife blades and handles, choosing the right type of disc is essential to achieving the best results. In the cutlery world, the most...


We understand that craftsmen need reliable equipment to protect them while they work. Our "Equipment" category offers a carefully chosen selection of safety items and...

Oils and glues

In knife manufacturing, cutting oils, tapping lubricants and machine lubricants are products used to facilitate and improve machining and assembly operations. Here's an...

Polishing pastes

Mercorne joins forces with Mécapolior Mécapolior is a French manufacturer of polishing products and abrasive belts in Thiers. The company manufactures discs in all...

Cubitron II abrasive belts : multiple choices - 3M

Stock : 5
Data sheet available at the bottom of the page "attachments". Superior Sanding Performance: Cubitron sanding belts provide more uniform and...

Brushing paste for resin-based materials: YELLOW W3

Stock : 60
    Dim : 2104540 mm
YELLOW W3 brushing paste is used for the preparation of resin-based materials such as stabilized wood and composite materials. The YELLOW W3...

Polishing paste for wood: ECLINOX WOOD

Stock : 51
    Dim : 2104540 mm
51ECLINOX WOOD polishing paste is specially designed for wood finishing . ECLINOX WOOD paste has a low cut and good shine . Start with COMPO...

Brush paste for wood: TO 593

Stock : 50
    Dim : 2104540 mm
TO593 brush paste is designed for shine prep. The paste has little cut and a good shine. Start with COMPO PONCE, then TO 593, then move on to...

Broshing paste for soft and composite materials: 3/0 GTB PONCE

Stock : 50
    Dim : 2104540 mm
The 3/0 GTB PONCE polishing paste is required for the p reparation of a wide range of materials (wood and soft materials) . The 3/0 GTB PONCE...

Cotton discs : made in France by mécapolior

Stock : 9
Cotton discs are made from high quality cotton fibers to provide a fine polish and high quality finish on metals, horn, wood and resin. Cotton...

Polishing paste for wood: RENFORCE WHITE

Stock : 49
    Dim : 2104540 mm
BLANCE REINFORCE polishing paste is designed for the super finishing of soft materials . The WHITE REINFORCED paste has a good shine....

Polishing paste for metals: BLUE F2

Stock : 48
    Dim : 2104540 mm
BleuF2 polishing paste is required for finishing metals . BLEU F2 clay has little cutting and good gloss . Start with 220CBN2, then ROUGE DH1...

Polishing paste for metals: ECLINOX ROSE

Stock : 45
    Dim : 2104540 mm
The best polishing paste for metals, mirror polished! ECLINOX ROSE polishing paste is required for the super finishing of metals ....

Super finish polishing paste for steel : ECLINOX BLANCHE

Stock : 44
    Dim : 2104540 mm
Eclinox white polishing paste is required for finishing a steel  of materials. The ECLINOX BLANCHE paste has a very good shine and little...

Universal brush paste: COMPO PONCE

Stock : 42
    Dim : 2104540 mm
COMPO PONCE brush paste is required for the preparation of a wide range of materials (steel, stainless steel, wood and soft materials). COMPO...

Brushing paste for metals: ROUGE DH1

Stock : 38
    Dim : 2104540 mm
The Rouge D1H polishing paste has a good cutting power in order to prepare shine for metals . Start with 220CBN2, then ROUGE DH1 for the gloss...

Starlub Aerosol for machine lubrication

Stock : 6
Prepare your machines with Starlub, the aerosol that thoroughly cleans and degreases for optimal tool use. Take advantage of Starlub's cleaning...

Protective / Safety Gloves

Stock : 9
Versatile Protection: Protective gloves are suitable for a variety of tasks, from tool handling to more delicate work requiring enhanced...

Polishing paste for metals: 220CBN2

Stock : 24
    Dim : 2104540 mm
The 220CB2 polishing paste h as a high cutting power in order to remove the lines of bruises for steels and stainless steel. Start with 220CBN2,...

Polishing paste for resin-based materials: BRIL 795

Stock : 21
    Dim : 2104540 mm
BRIL 795 polishing paste is required for finishing acrylic, resin and carbon glass. It has a little cut and a good shine. Start with the...

Flannel discs : made in France by mécapolior

Stock : 6
Flannel discs are ideal for polishing and buffing metals, such as stainless steel, brass and copper, and also materials with resin and wood to a...

Glue Cyanoacrylate 3 M in gel of 20gr

Stock : 15
    Dim : 501010 mm
Ease of application: Si Gel is easy to apply due to its gel consistency which allows precise control of the application. High Strength: Si...

Sisal disc: made in France by mécapolior

Stock : 5
Sisal discs are ideal for removing scratches and imperfections on metals, such as stainless steel and aluminum. Sisal discs are made from...

TAP MAGIC - EP Extra Oil - 120ml

Stock : 9
Tap Magic Oil : very high quality cutting and tapping oil for machining spare parts from the knife.

TAP MAGIC - Oil Pro Tap - 120ml

Stock : 8
Tap Magic Oil : very high quality cutting and tapping oil for machining spare parts from the knife.

3M Reusable Earplugs - Quality Hearing Protection

Stock : 5
    Dim : 1005020 mm
Advanced Hearing Protection: 3M E-A-R Earplugs offer excellent noise reduction, helping to preserve your hearing in noisy environments....

Cleaning block for abrasive belts : HERMOR

Stock : 5
    Dim : 2504030 mm
Improve the life of your sanding belts: by using our cleaning block regularly, you can extend the life of your sanding belts up to 10 times...

Riffle stone grain 34- for disc

Stock : 4
    Dim : 2204525 mm
Rifling stones are abrasive tools used to clean and degrease cutlery discs, removing residue and burrs. Made from silicon carbide or aluminum...

copy of Protective / Safety Gloves

Stock : 3
    Dim : 1505050 mm
Maximum Protection: 3M safety glasses provide maximum protection against common risks such as splinters, flying particles, and harmful UV rays....