European Deer Log

The deer log, also known as the "stave", is the circular part of the antler.

Deer logs, are generally referred to as "staves" in the context of cutlery or handicrafts. Deer staves are pieces of deer antler, generally obtained from the part of the antler where the branches branch out, i.e. the crown. These pieces of antler are used to make knife handles, tool handles, buttons, or decorative elements in various craft projects.

Deer staves offer a unique texture and aesthetic, thanks to their natural patterns and warm appearance. They add a touch of authenticity and character to any handcrafted object, making pieces created with these materials prized for their beauty and originality.

European deer log for knives

European deer log.

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Discover our exclusive collection of European deer wood rounds, carefully selected for the making of art knife handles. Perfect for craftsmen...
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