Stabilized oak

Latin name: Quercus

Origin: Europe

Color: beige and brown (natural)

Stabilized oak wood, also known by its Latin name Quercus, is oak wood that has been treated with a stabilization process to make it stronger and more durable. Oak is a type of wood renowned for its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. However, natural oak wood can be sensitive to changes in humidity and decay, which can limit its use in certain applications.

The process of stabilizing oak wood generally involves the use of resins under vacuum or pressure to penetrate deep into the wood's pores. These resins then harden, filling the wood's voids and pores and strengthening its structure. Stabilized wood thus becomes less sensitive to variations in humidity, considerably reducing the risk of warping, swelling or shrinking.

The advantages of stabilized oak wood are manifold:

  • Moisture resistance: Stabilized oak wood is much less sensitive to changes in humidity, making it ideal for damp environments or outdoor use.
  • Durability: The stabilization process increases the strength and durability of oak wood, extending its lifespan.
  • Easy of working: Stabilized wood is denser and more homogeneous, making it easier for craftsmen to work and machine.
  • Aesthetics: Stabilized oak wood retains the natural patterns and aesthetic characteristics of wood, making it an attractive material for craft projects, including knife handles, cases and other wooden items.
  • Variety of colors: Depending on the type of resin used for stabilization, oak wood can be stained in a wide range of colors, offering diverse aesthetic possibilities.

Because of its enhanced strength and attractive aesthetics, stabilized oak wood is appreciated in a variety of craft industries, including knife making, pens, musical instruments, leather goods, decorative items and much more. Its versatility and durability make it a popular choice for those seeking to combine the natural beauty of wood with enhanced strength and stability properties.

We offer stabilized wood from Denmark, the company RAFFIR has developed a new stabilization process

Stabilized oak - sets and blocks

Stabilized oak handle

Stock : 12
Comments: High quality: Stabilized oak is a material of choice for cutlery because of its superior quality. The stabilized oak we offer is a...
Price €8.00

Lot of Raffir stabilized woods scraps

Stock : 33
Photo non contractual  In this batch you will find 1 kilo of mixed stabilized wood from Raffir. We do not guarantee all the wood species in each...
Price €85.00

Stabilized oak burl block

Stock : 1
    Dim : 1253530 mm
Price €27.50
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