Fragments stabilized mammoth

Origin: Mercorne (France) 

Did you know that in order to manufacture a handle from mammoth rind, we generate an average of 80% of "scraps" which in the past were destroyed. This practice is not part of Mercorne's identity. We wanted to give a second life to these pieces steeped in history and symbolism. 

Invented and produced in our workshop in France. These are real fragments of mammoth ivory tusks, encased in resin. You'll find a wide range of colors for your next creations. A product both prestigious and modern.

Mammoth ivory is a precious and ancient substance extracted from the tusks of mammoths, an extinct species of large prehistoric animals. This fossilized ivory has similar qualities to elephant ivory, but is ethically harvested from natural sources. Used in crafts and sculpture, it helps preserve the memory of these extinct creatures.

Fragment of stabilized mammoth tusks - France