Latin name : Quercus robur

Stabilized morta wood, also known as fossil wood or petrified wood, is a fossilized wood material that has undergone a stabilization process to make it more durable and resistant. Fossilized wood is formed when plant wood is buried under layers of sediment for millions of years, undergoing a process of fossilization. This process slowly replaces the wood's cells with minerals, preserving its original structure while transforming it into stone over time.

To use morta wood in the manufacture of objects such as knives, it is often necessary to stabilize it. The stabilization process involves filling the pores and voids left by the fossilized wood's cells with a resin or other material. This strengthens the wood and makes it more resistant to impact, moisture and climatic changes. Stabilization can also improve the wear and scratch resistance of morta wood, making it more suitable for use in applications such as cutlery.

Stabilized morta wood is prized for its unique beauty and natural appearance. Each piece of morta wood is unique because of the unique patterns and colors resulting from fossilization and mineral formation. Craftsmen often use this material to create knife handles, sheaths, ornaments and other high-end handicrafts.

However, it is important to note that stabilized morta wood is an expensive material due to its rarity and complex production process. The quality of morta wood also depends on how it has been extracted and prepared, as well as the stabilization process used. High-quality pieces of stabilized morta wood offer exceptional durability and unique aesthetics, making them a popular choice among cutlers and craftsmen.

Bog-wood- for crafts

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Stabilized Bog oak handel - wood in the process of fossilization

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Latin name : :  Quercus robur Morta is a wood in the process of fossilization found in an anoxic zone. An anoxic zone is a decrease in oxygen...
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