Lot of scrap wood

The wood scrap lot is an environmentally friendly and economical choice for knife makers seeking quality materials for their creations. Recycling wood gives a second life to pieces that would otherwise be discarded, while offering unique variations in patterns and colors.

At Mercorne, we offer batches of scrap wood of various sizes and species. This allows knifemakers to select the pieces that best suit their projects, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Scrap wood lots also offer great design flexibility. Pieces can be used to create unique knife handles, decorative inserts, plates or decorative elements. Variations in patterns and colors also allow knifemakers to create unique and customized pieces for their customers.

By choosing batches of scrap wood, knifemakers can also contribute to the preservation of the environment by avoiding waste of natural resources. At Mercorne, we pride ourselves on offering quality materials for cutlery while acting responsibly and sustainably. Scrap wood lots are an ideal choice for environmentally conscious cutlers looking for unique and quality materials for their creations.

Lot of cheap exotic and european wood scraps
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