Our logo illustrates many of our values and shows the important link between Mercorne and West Africa. Africa welcomed us at the start of our Mercorne adventure. The logo also encompasses the spirit of Black African culture including symbols from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The symbols are traditionally used to ornament objects but they also communicate the wisdom of the old traditions through the following meanings:

- Kwatakye Atiko, represents the haircut of an Ashanti warrior. It is a symbol of bravery and courage. It marks our determination and our sense of purpose.
- Pempamsie, represents the links in a chain, suggesting “strength in unity”
- Mpuanunum, the five heads of hair, the traditional hairstyle of a priestess that illustrates our values of loyalty and faithfullness
- Mmusuyidee, a symbol of luck and of sanctity, it is here to bring luck!
- Adinkrahene, the most important adinkra symbol, for it is thought to be the first that inspired all others. It symbolises charisma and leadership. We want it to describe our desire to be forward thinking and creative.
- Mfraadan, the windmill, representing a well-built house that can resist inclement conditions, symbolising courage and will.
- Dewennimmen, ram horns symbolising humility with strength. Rams horns, an important inclusion, suggest the rams’ story - fighting with strength but being humble when its time comes.
- Orsram, the moon, because from the moon we can see the earth as a whole. It illustrates our desire for patience and understanding
- Nkontim, the hair of the queen, symbolising loyalty and the sense of giving service.

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