We understand that craftsmen need reliable equipment to protect them while they work. Our "Equipment" category offers a carefully chosen selection of safety items and precision tools for craftsmen.

Safety at the heart of our offer

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. In our "Equipment" category, you'll find a comprehensive range of safety products, such as high-quality breathing masks, protective earplugs, hard-wearing gloves and much more. We're committed to providing equipment that gives you peace of mind.

Precision tools and more

In addition to safety equipment, we also offer a variety of essential precision tools for craftsmen. Whether you need drills, taps, milling cutters or other work tools, we've got you covered. Our products are carefully selected to guarantee optimum performance in your trade.

Trust Mercorne to provide you with quality equipment and tools that will help you succeed in your trade. Your safety and success are our commitment.

Safety Equipment and Precision Tools for Craftsmen

Protective / Safety Gloves

Stock : 9
Versatile Protection: Protective gloves are suitable for a variety of tasks, from tool handling to more delicate work requiring enhanced...
Price €1.90

3M Reusable Earplugs - Quality Hearing Protection

Stock : 5
    Dim : 1005020 mm
Advanced Hearing Protection: 3M E-A-R Earplugs offer excellent noise reduction, helping to preserve your hearing in noisy environments....
Price €3.50

copy of Protective / Safety Gloves

Stock : 4
    Dim : 1505050 mm
Maximum Protection: 3M safety glasses provide maximum protection against common risks such as splinters, flying particles, and harmful UV rays....
Price €8.00