Mineral matter

Mineral materials are natural materials that are used in a wide variety of fields, including cutlery. Among these materials are mother-of-pearl and abalone pellets, which are prized for their beauty and strength.

Mother of pearl is obtained from the shells of mollusks, while abalone is extracted from the shell of the abalone, a mollusk that lives in the cold waters of the oceans. Both materials are very durable and have shimmering colors that make them popular in the manufacture of high-end knives.

Abalone is particularly prized for its iridescent blue-green color, which varies with the angle of view. This unique characteristic makes it a highly sought after material for luxury cutlery. Abalone pellets are often used for knife handles, but can also be used for blades, although this use is more rare.

Mother of pearl, on the other hand, is often used for inlays and decorations on knife handles. Its texture and varied colors make it an ideal material for artistic creations and unique pieces.

In addition to their beauty, mother-of-pearl and abalone pellets are also very strong and resistant to wear, making them the material of choice for high-end knives. These materials are also very easy to work with, allowing craftsmen to create intricate and detailed designs.

In short, mother of pearl and abalone pellets are highly valued mineral materials in the cutlery world for their beauty, strength and ease of working. They are particularly used for luxury knives and unique pieces, but can also be used for simpler and more practical knives.

Mineral materials: Mother of Pearl, Coral, Abalone - beautiful pieces

Pre-cut inlays circle...

La nacre est le revêtement intérieur, aux reflets irisés, de certaines coquilles de mollusques.


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Latin name: Pinctada margaritifera. Nacre forms an inner layer in many types of molluscs. It is principally composed of calcium carbonate continuously deposited onto...

Pacific abalone plate included

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When abalone is incorporated into resin, a captivating composite material is created, combining the natural beauty of abalone with the versatility...
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Laminated abalone plate

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