Stainless steel A2 screws - Torx Panhead- multi dimensions and colors - 20 pieces

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In order to offer you the most attractive prices, this product is not sold polished. Photo for reference only.

All product measurements are expressed in millimeters (mm)

Measurements are rounded to the nearest millimeter. Parts with an irregular shape are measured to indicate the minimum usable volume.

We have been specializing in materials for knife handles since 1992.

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M3 Torx Pan Head Screw  M1.6 : 2 ; 2.2 and 3  
bag of 20 without exception

Screws : wide choice of screws for mounting knives. Choose your alloy, screwdriver (torx) thread, head shape, length, etc.

The M2 screws :  used to fix the plates on the plates but also to screw the false part between the plates. The choice of the screw head is mainly a question of aesthetics except to accommodate the screw heads in the plates you need countersunk heads.

M3 screws : are rather used to fix the blade with the threaded shaft. The choice of the screw head is above all a question of aesthetics. Some knife makers fix their plate of fixed knives with M3 screws

M1.6 screws : used to hide screws behind the plates or to screw bolsters for example.

Hardware : Stainless steel and titanium screws, bearing, axle, spacer, rivet, push buttons, oil, all you need to mount your next knife.

Our catalog: We offer a wide choice of natural wood, stabilized wood, bones, horns, deer, minerals, composite materials (carbon, fiberglass, etc.) and mounting accessories (screws).

Our commitments: Fast delivery in D + 1 on weekdays (Monday to Friday), possible free return and multi-payment

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