Stabilized Palm Wood

Latin name: Oenocarpus batawa.

Other name: batawa palm.

Stabilized palm is an exotic, refined material that adds a touch of elegance and originality to craft projects, particularly in cutlery. Derived from tropical palms, it undergoes a stabilization process to guarantee its strength and durability, while preserving its distinctive natural characteristics.

Origin : Stabilized palms generally come from tropical regions such as South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. The palm varieties used in stabilization are selected for their beauty and unique patterns.

Stabilization :  Stabilized palms undergo a stabilization process involving the injection of resin or polymer under vacuum and pressure into the wood fibers. This technique strengthens the material, improving its resistance to impact, moisture and deformation, while preserving its aesthetic characteristics.

Characteristics : Stabilized palm offers a varied palette of colors and patterns, from light to darker tones, with irregular and organic patterns. Each piece of stabilized palm is unique, reflecting the natural characteristics of the original palm.

Hardness and density: Stabilized palmwood is generally of medium hardness and density, making it strong yet easy to work and shape. Its silky-smooth texture gives it a luxurious appearance, ideal for high-end craft projects.

Machining and finishing: Stabilized palm is relatively easy to machine with suitable tools. Once worked, it acquires a smooth, glossy finish that highlights its natural patterns, adding a touch of elegance to any handcrafted creation.

Durability: Thanks to the stabilization process, palm is preserved and strengthened, making it more resistant to environmental conditions and extending its lifespan. The stability and strength of stabilized palm make it ideal for durable, long-lasting projects.

Stabilized palm is a remarkable material that brings a touch of exoticism and sophistication to any handcrafted project. With its unique characteristics and natural elegance, it's a popular choice for knife handles, luxury pens, jewelry and other high-end handcrafted creations. Combining beauty and durability, stabilized palm seduces craftsmen and lovers of exquisite handcrafted products.

Stabilized palm wood  - Fusion of Natural and Composite Materials

Red stabilized 2.0 palm wood block

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    Dim : 1455040 mm
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